The rituals of Rafa Nadal on a tennis court.

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The rituals of Rafa Nadal on a tennis court.

Rafa Nadal is considered one of the best tennis players in history and the best of all time on clay courts. To date he has been champion of 20 Grand Slam tournaments, being, together with the Swiss Roger Federer and Serbian Novak Djokovic, the most awarded in the history of men’s tennis. He has won the Roland Garros Tournament in thirteen editions (being the tennis player who has won it the most times), the Wimbledon Championship on two occasions, the Australian Open on one occasion and the United States Open on four occasions. He is in the second position, after Serbian Novak Djokovic (37), as the player with the most Masters 1000 titles in individual mode, with 36; and ahead of other famous tennis players such as Roger Federer (28), Ivan Lendl (22), John McEnroe (19), Jimmy Connors (17) or Andre Agassi (17).

But even a great champion like Rafa Nadal has a series of rituals that define him in each of the tennis matches that he plays at the highest level. His gestures before the serve are well known but there are many more that we are going to describe now.

1.- Do not step on the lines when entering a tennis court.
2.- Warm-up jumps against the rival in the field draw.
3.- Do not cross the net before the rival in each change of service.
4.- Place the two water bottles in the same position.
5.- Place the towel on your right leg.
6.- Change racket every eight games.

And now we turn to the ritual of service. These are his most characteristic gestures

1.- Catch three balls with the right hand.
2.- Touching the nose while bouncing the ball.
3.- Adjusting the pants. He also usually does it in the return not only when he has to serve.
4.- Touching both ears and adjusting the hair.

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