Warsash Sailing Club

 Shore Rd, Warsash, Southampton SO31 9FS, United Kingdom

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Warsash Sailing Club has been a member-run club since its foundation in 1957. The original building, known as Lobster Quay because it was once home to many lobster pounds during colonial times can be found at the mouth of River Hamble where it enjoys easy access by water and road alike – not forgetting that these grounds also feature an awesome view!

In 1980 they purchased another asset: A former Royal Thames Yacht Club which had fallen into disuse but soon afterwards renovated this space with additional rooms making up meeting hall(s), a bar serving drinks right out onto balconies overlooking beautiful river scenery while catering galley ensures all your hunger pangs are taken care off.

The WSC sailing club, with around 1500 members and an active youth section 6-year olds through to adults has it all set up for success. The Britsh Youth RYA accredited training centre allows us access to races across Ireland as well giving opportunities you can’t find anywhere else! We have everything from racing on our own waters of Lobster Quay or taking part in some friendly matches against other clubs – whichever your taste takes hold will be waiting here at West Side Sailing Club.

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