Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar

 Carretera de Cales de Mallorca, Manacor, España

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The mastermind behind the success of Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nadal is his training centre located in Mallorca. The high-performance facility combines what he has learned from years on tour with an all-new method to create superior athletes–this includes forming values that were integral for achieving victory!

The Rafael Nadal Academy is a world-class tennis academy that offers educational opportunities to students while they continue their sport. The ITF has been working with the school’s staff since its inception, and it currently provides training programs for both children or young adults in grade levels 1 through 12 as well as adult education classes open across various skillsets such as athletic conditioning techniques based on player needs unique from one another depending what level you’re at within this organization which include: fitness tests/assessments or an introduction into doubles games.

Located in the comfort of Mallorca, Spain–Rafa Nadal Academy provides students with an idyllic location and environment to complement their physical activities. The campus has everything one needs for a great time: top-of-the-line cuisine from local restaurants; culture through art events or concerts on-site every weeknight! It’s also just 30 minutes away (by car)from Palma de Mallorca Airport which allows you access anywhere else around Europe without worrying about flight schedules getting mixed up along your journey home again afterwards

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