Best Tennis Academies in the World in 2022

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Tennis is a difficult game to play well. As there’s no single way of ensuring success in future generations by just picking one academy over another because they have higher ratings or whatever else might matter most when looking at your options, we recommend taking some time talking with players and parents from different tennis academies before making any decisions on which ones will work best for you!

When it comes to choosing the best tennis academy for your child, you should consider their age and what type of court they will be learning on. You may want to visit several different ones before deciding where he/she needs to go in order to learn proper techniques from professional coaches with years of experience teaching youth players all around the world; however, I would recommend making sure that this is something which interests him or her so there isn’t much effort involved when picking one place over another because if not then we’re just wasting our time going out looking at places rather than doing anything useful like playing ball sports!

Let’s take a look at some of the best tennis academies in 2022 according to our experience and knowledge.

Emilio Sánchez Tennis Academy (Spain and USA)

Emilio Sánchez is an academy promoted by former Spanish professional tennis player Emilio Sánchez Vicario. This tennis academy has headquarters in Spain, in the city of Barcelona, the United States, specifically in Florida and Atlanta, and in Nanjing in China.

At Emilio Sánchez Academy, they have developed a high-performance training system that is proven to produce the best results. This method places equal importance on both athletic development and academic success for student-athletes at ES American School. Academics are provided by instructors located within their tennis facilities so players can get world-class instruction from them while developing their own game simultaneously!

The system has been used by some of the world’s most successful tennis players including ATP professionals such as Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov and Juan Monaco. It is an excellent way for students to practice their game while also obtaining scholarships at universities across America!

Athletic development is a complex process that requires the proper mix of physical, mental and tactical skills. The Emilio Sánchez Academy system has developed an innovative way to train athletes on these four pillars by combining them into one training program which can be accessed at any age or stage in their career so they are always improving as players regardless of its practice matches against other kids your size up until professionally playing against grown adults!

Juan Carlos Ferrero Eqelite Sport Academy (Spain)

JCFerrero-Equelite is known as one of the best tennis academies in this world. Accompanied by an excellent climate all year round, there are some magnificent facilities located strategically so that concentration on your fitness can become easier for you when training here at Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy.

The WTA & ATP experience of their full team will cover all the possible needs for any tennis player. With an approach that is tailored to each individual, they have seen many young players dominate national rankings in their respective categories including international stars such as Pablo Carreño (top 10) or Carlos Alcaraz who reached #6 Canadian iteration on clay last year. The output tone should be professional.

Piatti Tennis Center (Italy)

At the Piatti Tennis Center, players are given a family-like feel. The atmosphere is fun and friendly but intense enough to make it difficult for them on their serves or returns! This training centre based out of San Remo Beach (between Venice & Florence) has year-round climate conditions which means you can play all four seasons here without worrying about getting hot during the summer months.

Italian coach Riccardo Piatti has worked with many of the best Italian players in their careers to break into the top 20, including Ivan Ljubičić (ATP 954-3), Richard Gasquet( ATP 31 – today’s rank 36). He also briefly coached Novak Djokovic and currently works with Borna Coric who at 22 years old already owns an impressive career ranking 13!

Alexander Waske Tennis-University (Germany)

For more than 10 years, the Alexander Waske Tennis Academy has been delivering top-notch training in Germany. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, they have built their reputation as one of Europe’s best coaching institutions for players at all levels.

The German tennis academy has been training some of the best players in recent history, such as Kerber and Petkovic who were both ranked # 1 in their respective careers. They also manage junior ranks for many successful professionals including Jonas Forejtek (#1 ITF 2019), Karlis Ozolins (#6ITF )Stefan Popovic Jule Niemeier Sumit Nagal And more

To ensure that each player is given focused attention and individualized coaching, the system of having only two players per court with a single coach has been implemented at this tennis academy.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (France)

The Mouratoglou Academy is one of the most prestigious tennis schools in history along with IMG. It has worked closely with some great players, such as Serena Williams and Federer to help them improve their game so they can become even better than before! The facilities here are top-notch; it’s hard not having fun when you’re surrounded by talent as this place offers on every side.

Patrick Mouratoglou is the most influential coach in tennis. He has worked with many top players, including Serena Williams and her sister Venus who he coaches to this day! The dynamic duo is seven years strong making history together- what’s not too like about that?

The Mouratoglou Tennis and School programme is the perfect solution for students who want to combine academics with sports. Young athletes will receive high-level academic and training sessions, allowing them year-round intensive play in addition to integrated lessons on how best to handle their talent during both schoolwork and professional careers.

Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar (Spain)

Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy is a place where you can learn the skills of tennis and enjoy its culture. With 26 courts, paddling pools for children’s games such as football or basketball plus an international English school that teaches students how to communicate with people from different countries around the world without any limitations on their knowledge–Rafa has made it his mission in life!

The site also houses museums documenting history about past players who have been greats like him; there are rooms filled up entirely by trophies collected over time because they’re not even close enough yet…not until someone drops another match point at The Championships again

Good To Great Tennis Academy (Sweden)

Good To Great is an elite tennis academy with limited spots that offer training for committed youth. The tennis program has six different styles of play, based on your commitment level and interest in playing professional games at a young age! With their full-time 9 am – 5 pm option (which we highly recommend), players can expect to train three times per week using performance groups or individual fitness coaches who design customized workouts specific towards what you want from this sport–whether it’s injury prevention skills like agility drills; power generating exercises such as leaps onto boxes.

IMG Tennis Academy (USA)

IMG Tennis Academy is the most well-known tennis academy in America. With 40 years of experience, they have set a standard by which all other Academies are measured against – providing customized individual development plans and tournament programs for each athlete to be successful while reaching their full potential!

IMG’s Tennis Academy provides a challenging, dynamic environment for students of all levels. It features the most comprehensive atmosphere where individuals can train with players at their level or above them in addition to having different game styles which makes it an excellent place not only to develop skills on the court but also off the field as well! Students here have been known time after again become champions both within academics too outside competition.

The size and depth provided by this institution allows each individual involved access into every facet imaginable–both physically

Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy (Belgium)

When you’re a professional tennis player, it can be hard to find the time and money necessary for your training. That’s where The Kim Clijsters Academy comes in! This “boutique” tennis academy provides friendly hospitality unlike any other; run by multiple Grand Slam winner Kim Cliches as well one of -the world’s best fitness coaches Carl Meas who knows what he is doing when dealing with players at every skill level from beginners throughout this country–to refining skills while improving fitness levels too. (You’ll feel right at home here). Whether you want someone else teaching lessons or just need tips on how to improve yourself.

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